Episode 92: How To Not Break Your Boundaries as Soon as Things Get Busy!

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On this week’s bonus episode, Elizabeth chats about how to keep your life in control once all of this quarantine life is over! You are going to be SO busy, and so now is the time to focus on your pricing, procedures and all the things, so that when you get back to normal life, you will be prepared to stick to your guns!

It can be tricky because once you get back to working, you’re going to want to make back all of the money that you were not making, and this can lead to quadruple booking, and BURNOUT!

We want you to prepare yourself!!

Right now it’s important to:
2. CHOOSE what you are going to do. Make the decision for how you are going to handle those situations that are going to come.

The best way to keep your power is to CHOOSE what your work like is going to look like. Does it look like.. 5 days a week? 6 days a week? But most importantly, MAKE IT A CHOICE. and MAKE IT A TEMPORARY TIME PERIOD!

Some people in the Workshop in a Box program are choosing to work 5-6 days a week for the firstt month back. Some days will be 10-12 hour days, and others are going to be shorter 6-8 hour days. Once you have these boundaries set up, STICK TO THEM!

When you start making your schedule, prioritize your clients that are going to come in first. Think about those who are the most loyal to you, the high paying clients, the ones who have damaged hair and NEED to see you ASAP!

THEN, have a back up plan. Do you need an assistant? Do you need someone to come in and help you? Is there someone at the local hair school that can come in and help?


As you start putting your schedule together, and talking to your clients, this is the perfect time to onboard your clients! GET EVERYONE IN ONLINE BOOKING!! This is the perfect time to enforce a no-show policy, or a fee for being late. Also, it’s SO important to have people make a deposit! This could go towards a consultation, or their actual service. Whatever it is… Make them at least have their credit card on file! YOUR TIME HAS NEVER BEEN MORE VALUABLE!!

5:45 What does life look like AFTER the crazy?

Are you going to taper down your hours? How long is it going to take you to get back to your dream schedule? Just remember.. How you handle this is going to affect you for a long time. The boundaries you put in place, are going to save you!!!


-Choose what your next 2-6 weeks back in the salon are going to look like.
-Do something that will ensure you will not get burned out. Whether that’s a vacation or a staycation, give yourself some breathing room!
-What is the phase after the 2-6 week look like?
-What is the final phase that pushes you toward your dream schedule?

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If you would like to get into our Workshop in a Box program, THE DOORS ARE OPEN! Click here to enroll.

Always remember, we will get through this, and We Hair Love You!