Episode 94: Now Is the Time to Change Your Life with Olivia Smalley

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This episode is a little different! We did a webinar with Olivia Smalley, aka social media boss babe, and we decided to turn it into a podcast because it had so much GOLD INFORMATION!

Our conversation today is all about creating healthy habits, and how you can use the extra downtime to get ahead in your business!

It takes 20 days to form or break a habit!

Live consciously to everything you’re doing. If you normally wake up at 7am everyday, and change to waking up at 10am everyday, when you go back to real life it’s going to be so hard to get back into that habit.

It’s imperative to take this time to form great habits that further yourself and your business!


One of the most important things to do right now is practice GRATITUDE. When you’re negative during this time, you’ll take that habit of being negative back to work.

Something to remember.. “You can take a problem.. and make it the end of the world, or you can sit there and figure it out!” -Elizabeth Faye

One thing Elizabeth does to help with her anxiety is to think of the WORST possible scenario, and get creative and think about how you would deal with that challenge and come up with a plan. Once you face your challenges, your anxiety goes away because you recognize that it’s not as bad as you thought and everything is figureoutable.

16:30 What habits are you making now?

Elizabeth has focused more on her family. She is spending this time learning how to cook, and going to therapy. Every night they have a pow wow to talk about plans the next day. AND now she is drinking 44 oz of water!

Olivia has changed her schedule from salon life to home life. She has figured out a schedule with her husband so that they can spend more time together, and she is focusing on exercising and eating healthier, and she has realized that she is SO much happier right now. At first, she felt bad for feeling so happy, but she has realized that taking this time to slow down has helped her emotional life SO much! She is figuring out stuff she doesn’t like to do, and how she can avoid doing it, and focus on things she loves because she realizes how much happier she is when she does that.

CHALLENGE: Write down what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy and evaluate each thing and decide what you would like in your life and what you need to get rid of.


Olivia is looking at things she can do in her life to be more efficient. Take 1 hour of your day and get AS MUCH done as possible.

Elizabeth has put together The Perfect Pricing Method and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Get very specific! How much money do they make? What kind of hair do you want to do? Do you want them to be a stay at home mom? Have some fun with it!


Tip #1: Find an assistant!
Use this time right now to reach out to people to come help you when you get back to work!

Tip #2: Figure out your ideal schedule and what you want your life to look like leading up to it.
Use this time to set boundaries about how much you will work the first 1-2 months going back to work. Then make sure you are working towards your ideal schedule and STICK TO THAT SCHEDULE.

Tip #3: Set up your systems and policies
Use this time to set up systems that will make your life easier once you get busy, and also make sure you have your policies in place for your clients so that you don’t have to put ANY energy towards that once you are working so hard when life gets back to normal.

Tip #4: Put together your priority list
Look at who has been with you longest, and has been the most loyal, and who needs you the MOST!


Start making video!!! Whether it’s a full tutorial, or just an end look, post video!! That will help with your engagement, and it is a little different so it will break up the same things you are posting!

REMEMBER! Do what you love, and love what you do!!

1:18:20 LET’S WRAP IT UP

What are some takeaways from today?

Olivia is going to take this time to update her clients info, software, and getting her Sh** together.

Get assistants!

Batch your life

Video content for the win!

We Hair Love you!!!