Episode 95: Everything Will Be Different After This

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Elizabeth takes over the podcast today and talks about Control and Habits!


When everything started shutting down and the government started making mandates Elizabeth realized that since so much was uncertain, she needed to shift her mindset, and instead of focusing on the unknown, she needed to focus on the things that she could control.

She looked at her business and evaluated the things that could be turned into positives… which birthed the Hair Love Digital Conference. This is completely FREE and is being offered to anyone attending the Hair Love Retreat, and is in the Workshop in a Box program. She then decided to move the date of the Hair Love Retreat, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!!

Elizabeth did an exercise where she let her mind wander to the worst place scenario that could possibly happen for her business. From there, she came up with solutions. After she did that she got so much peace and comfort knowing that she was prepared for absolutely anything that could happen, and she had a plan!

She is so grateful for this time of a PAUSE BUTTON. It has helped her realize where she is weak, and things she can work on, and how she can help her community. This time is going to be transformational, and it’s up to you if you would like it to be a positive or negative change for you.


Now is the time to do ALL those things you have always wanted to do! Create some healthy habits. They will change your life!

Spend your time wisely! What are the things you are always doing that you could systemize or get in order?

Control your mind! Positive thinking is EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!!

Be PRESENT!!! Do things that your future self will thank you for!