Episode 105: The Most Important Step to hiring an Assistant starts with This

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Elizabeth hears it all the time… Hiring the right assistant can seem near impossible. How do you find the right person?

Most importantly, stop telling yourself that hiring an assistant is hard. Start telling yourself better stories and start asking for what you want!

Next, think of yourself as an entity that people want to be apart of. If you were going to apply to be apart of a salon, you would want to know what they offer. How is the job going to make your life better? You need to get really clear on what their job entails.

Be very specific for EXACTLY what you are looking for and what is in it for them!

Once you get crystal clear on your expectations for an assistant and what they can expect to get out of the position, it becomes very easy to write a job description!

4:50 LET’S WRAP IT UP- Time for some homework!

Answer these questions:
1. What are the perks of working for you?
2. What are the benefits of working for you?
3. What is the journey of working with you? What does it look like?
4. What types of traits are you looking for? What are your non-negotiables?
5. What are you goals and values as a business?