Episode 106: Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant or a Freelancer?


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This series is all about finding the right help and how to do it! Teams make the dream happen, and Elizabeth is sharing all of her tips and tricks to hire the perfect person!

This episode is all about how to know when to hire a virtual assistant vs. a freelancer!


You can find these people through Upwork, Instagram, Facebook, just start researching!! Click here to listen to the assistant episode!

Just like finding an in-house assistant, when you are looking for a VA you need to be really clear on their job description, and what it is that you need help with.

First things first, when you are hiring a VA, you need to make sure that you have money to invest in your business, OR you have NO TIME, but you are making money. If the reason behind this hire is to give you more peace, or take on more clients, hiring a VA is a great idea!

Virtual assistants are great when you need extra help a few hours a week. It’s a great way to start scaling your business. This could be things such as marketing, email, customer service. Make sure this hire is moving the needle in your business, and the needle in your joy! AKA more joy, and less stress.

A virtual assistant is great for doing daily tasks such a social media, and email marketing. Virtual assistants are for those who own a business that is bigger than themselves.

Look for someone who vibes with you, and is available when you are available. Think about how you want to be able to communicate! Are you an email or a phone person? Are you wanting someone who is available weekends? GET CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT!


You will want to hire a freelancer when you just need seasonal help, or if you are doing something that will only occur one time. Things like.. fixing your website, graphics, etc.

Use the same guidelines to hiring a freelancer as you would with a virtual assistant. Try to create a little community network so that you can rely on the same person. This is going to help you get stuff done quicker, and more consistent.


Hire a virtual assistant if you are in a position to scale. Interview them and find someone that fits with you.

When hiring a freelancer, think about it as creating a community network that you can use over and over again.

Lastly, know that there will be an adjustment period and be patient with each other, BUT don’t confuse it with red flags. Just make sure you are very clear and communicate!