Episode 114: Mind Blowing Ways to Start Making Money RIGHT FREAKING NOW!


Today’s episode is all about affiliate marketing, and we have the most perfect guest on to talk about, the only and only Michelle Pritchard! She is a hairstylist, salon owner, educator, and affiliate marketer!

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This topic is so important because you can add it to your business today and start making money RIGHT NOW!


She opened up a salon about 8 months ago, and has been doing hair for over 17 years, and is on a mission to empower hairstylists to take everything that they are doing, and go to the next level!

COVID-19 allowed her to take the time to get clear on her journey and what she has wanted. She has been retail obsessed, and when a client is behind her chair, she wants to make sure that she can help them find a hair care routine that works perfectly for them! THEN, when they are not in the chair, she wants to keep educating them about product benefits, and information on how they can always have the hair they want! She not only wanted to sell in her store, she also wanted to be able to sell online!


Affiliate marketing is when you have bought a product from someone you follow off of social media. These people have a link that they send you to to buy the product they are using!

Many people here “affiliate marketing” and it often feels “scammy”. It is NOT!!

The difference between you and bloggers is that most of the time, they only know THEIR hair, where hairstylists know ALL TEXTURES! That makes you the expert to sell haircare!!

By speaking about this on your social media, you reach not only those that sit in your chair, but those that see you online! This is SUCH an easy way to expand your reach and audience!

The best part is that you really can take it to wherever you want to go! The sky is your LIMIT to how you want to promote yourself.


Michelle is here to tell you… IT’S SO EASY!! Go to the brand you love, and find the drop down that says something like “professional” or “pro”. There will usually words such as “carry us” “affiliate” or “work with us”. From there, you have to fill out a quick form. You can make anywhere to 10-45% commission off of those links!

Michelle feels like she gets more support and education when she works with brands and does affiliate marketing. It’s also a great way for a brand to get introduced to you, and how you start creating a relationship. Then.. you can come back to them a while later, and show them your results which lead to more partnership opportunities!


Most brands pay straight to your bank account or through PayPal, and It is anywhere between every week, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Michelle has seen people make around $10,000 a year from retail commission from your salon, with affiliate marketing you can easily double that number in a year. If you really put a lot of effort into affiliate marketing, its easily to make $2,000 a month!

When you’re talking with your client in the chair about products, most of the time they don’t need a product right that second. It takes the pressure out of buying right then, and they can go home and deep dive and learn even more about the product. These affiliate links are also so great to add into your text messages and emails!

Michelle likes to text her clients a few days after their service and send all of the links to the products that would work great for them! This keeps you checking in with your clients, and showing you care, and then she has found that they buy more because they’re able to do their own research and make the final call.

Because of COVID, right now is the perfect time to try out affiliate marketing. The added income can help hairstylists with an easy side hustle to contribute to their bottom line and savings!

These links are SO much bigger than just instagram. You can use text messages, email marketing, and other social medias, it is so much easier than you think, and you can connect with so many more people than you could possibly imagine.

If you are struggling right now, affiliate marketing can be a serious blessing in your life! You already know your products, and now you just need to talk about them!


Share pictures or videos of your products and talk about them! You can screenshot an info that your favorite brands post, and use it and talk about it!

An example of a campaign could be summer, beachy hair. Find 3 products, and talk about the features and benefits (KEEP IT SIMPLE)! You can post it on your instagram story or grid, your text messages, and then make sure you include your linktree link for them to shop those products directly!

Don’t be scared to get on different platforms! PINTEREST IS A GOLD MINE! You can link your site right to a picture and as soon as someone clicks that picture and buys the product, BAM! Money in your pocket. Don’t be scared to over promote. Share everywhere!

There’s a statistic that someone needs to hear about something 7 times before they actually buy something! It might not have anything to do with your selling, but they just need to be in the right place to take action.

Michelle recommends making 10 pieces of content and in the next month share it 7 times!

When you’re starting out, try everything! Try audio, try video, try pictures, and then once something sparks a fire with you, run with it!!

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Michelle’s final advice: Don’t wait! Start now!