Episode 117: Beauty School with Jeanetta Walker- Rodgers

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Today’s episode is all about BEAUTY SCHOOL! Elizabeth had the opportunity to interview Jeanetta Walker-Rodgers

Jeanetta is a master colorist, and educator for Alfaparf!

Jeanetta is going to be apart of our Hair Love Live Alfaparf Beauty Summit, AND she is going to have a part in our Workshop in a Box program!

This week’s episode is all about BEAUTY SCHOOL! Elizabeth and Jeanetta were talking about how beauty school has a lack of teaching about texture. If we’re not getting educated in beauty school on how to work on ALL canvas’s, how can we expect cosmetologists to feel comfortable working on all textures?

When Jeanetta was touring schools, she noticed many were focusing on styling, and not coloring. She started asking questions and she found that it wasn’t what she was looking for!

She finally found a school that was primarily focused on coloring and cutting, and she knew she had found her place!

Jeanetta’ wanted to go to hair school to make sure she could service ALL types of hair.

Jeanetta and Elizabeth both remembered that while they were in beauty school they were only taught textured hair FOR ONE FREAKING WEEK. Everyone knows that that is not enough time to understand everything you need to know.

Jeanetta recommends taking out “black” vs. “white” hair, and changing it to textured hair, and then making the education revolve around there.

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It is your responsibility to help your staff diversify their education. Alfaparf Milano has A TON of education on different hair textures.

There is education out there, you have to LOOK FOR IT!

Here is a link to Jeanetta’s Class https://www.btcuniversity.com/courses/watchmyhairbounce-corrective-blonding-for-any-texture

Here is a link to Tippy Shorters Class http://www.tippishorter.com/


  1. BE CONFIDENT!! Make sure you lead with confidence because that builds trust. Many times, the person sitting in your chair is already hesistant.

  2. KNOWLEDGE! Do whatever you can to make sure you are trained and have the education necessary to have the confidence you need.

  3. Ask the hard questions.
    Ask about the condition of their scalp (USE PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE!)
    What type of products are you using?
    What has been your past experience with your hair and other hairstylists?
    Ask them how their feeling, and THEN be re-assuring that you know what you’re doing!

  4. Get EYE LEVEL with your client. This makes your relatable!

28:20 What to look for in CURL PATTERN!

Ask questions like…

  1. Are you a Straight natural or a Curly natural? (Many women don’t wear their natural curls. If your client has no desire to wear their hair curly, your service is going to be different. If they are serious with curly hair, then you can proceed with caution to keep those curls intact. If they wear their hair both curly and straight- talk to them about products and tools!

  2. Ask them about their ENVIRONMENT!

  3. What kind of every day routine do you want?

  4. How do you want your curls to look?

  5. Do you experience dryness?

  6. Does your hair dry quickly?

  7. What is your lifestyle like?

Such an amazing podcast with Jeanetta! Thank you so much!

We Hair Love you!