Episode 118: Learning How To Color and Bleach ALL Textures and Strand Shapes with @watchmyhairbounce

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Elizabeth interviews Jeanetta Walker-Rodgers for her second episode on Hair Love Radio. (if you missed the first, click here)

Jeanetta is going to be apart of our Hair Love Live Alfaparf Beauty Summit, AND she is going to have a part in our Workshop in a Box program!

Today’s episode is all about lightening and blonding when working with different strand textures and shapes.

1:30 Background on Jeanetta

Jeanetta has been a hairstylist for over 20 years. At first, she was only a cutter, but wanted to get more into coloring.

She then began to study coloring. She got involved with Alfaparf after she moved to Georgia and started using their care line. She was floored by how well the line worked, and how well it worked with EVERY texture of hair.

Alfaparfs goal is to grow their brand through education! If you know how to use a product correctly, you’ll be more skilled at it!


First things first, hair. is. hair. It is a cortex, a cuticle, and a medulla. So when you are looking at hair, one of the first things you need to look at is the strand, and what is the texture of the strand.

That will help you know how to formulate and proceed. Is the hair fine or coarse?

If it’s larger than a piece of thread, then that means that it is pretty coarse.

The second thing to determine is the curl type. Curl typing is looking at the hair strand and determining if the curl is straight, wavy, or curly- and what type of curly. From there, you begin to understand what you are working with, and what type of formula and technique you should use.

For example, you’re not going to bleach fine hair the same way you bleach coarse hair.

Alfaparf has different bleaches to work with you!

They have an Easy Lift Bleach which is up to 7 levels of lift! This is perfect for Level 6 and above.

They have a High Lift Bleach that lifts up to 9 levels. This is much more aggressive, and is for darker hair and color treated hair.

They have a Free Style bleach which is a clay lightner, that still provides up to 7 levels of lift.

A misconception is that when you are bleaching curly hair (especially those with a tighter curl), you assume you need to be more aggressive. Jeanetta still uses the Easy Lift Bleach. She believes in LOW AND SLOW. With those curl types, your cuticle is already raised which means it’s going to give you a different result, and you don’t want to damage the hair.

You always want to keep the client’s hair in mind as you formulate work towards a result that is going to be the best for them.

Thank you SO much Jeanetta for all this amazing free education!!