Episode 121: What We Can Learn From COVID with Andrew Carruthers

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Elizabeth interviews Andrew Carruthers on the podcast this week. He is the education director for Sam Villa, as well as an incredible coach, and does brain integration coaching. He is a guest coach in Elizabeth’s Education group, Education Foundations.

Andrew is from a small town in Pennsylvania, and has always lived the small town life. He moved to Salt Lake City in 1997, and tried to get into the music industry and he learned very quickly that it is not very fun, and not for him!

He noticed his hairdresser was able to be super creative, and work with clients, had a flexible schedule, and at the end of the day, she was always making money! He still plays and writes music for fun, and likes that he can record pretty high quality music right from his home.

He has quite enjoyed quarantine life. He believes that this needed to happen. We were all exhausted and over working, and something big had to happen to cause us to sit back and re-evaluate our lives. Right now, we face the risk of people trying to get back to their “normal” lives. EVEN THOUGH we have now learned that you can take time off, and everything will still be ok. If we don’t listen now, we will never get out of it!!

Use this time to figure out what you are actually doing throughout the day to fill your time! Then figure out what is bringing your joy!

The first step of any coaching process is AWARENESS! You must first know what you are doing and where you want to be before you can start to take the steps needed to get there.

Another indicator of how you’re doing is your BODY! How your body is feeling physically tells you what is going on mentally and emotionally.

Next, start to implement based on your priorities. Those boundaries that you have placed and the time you have taken to slow down needs to remain a priority and you need to stick to it!

If you’’re looking for some reading, check out Dr. Joe Dispenza. He talks a lot about addictions. If you are always putting your body in high stress situations, it has become addicted to it, and so when you try to rewrite your story, it’s going to be HARD! He talks about how it can’t just be something you “think about” you have to FEEL IT! You have to change the emotions, and you might been to fight yourself a little on it


There are all types of educators- digital, conferences, 1 on 1, small group, etc.

If you feel you are called to be an educator, here are some suggestions from Andrew to know if it is right for you!

You need to check in on WHY you want to be a teacher. Intention is EVERYTHING! To become a great teacher, it requires so much work and energy, and if you are in it for the wrong reasons, you won’t make it.

You need to sit down with yourself and figure out your motives. Do you want to become an educator to be famous? Or do you want to help people?

There is a lot to learn. Not only do you need to learn the craft, but you need to learn how to PORTRAY and TEACH! That is a skillset that needs to be developed!

If you’re wanting to get into teaching, you NEED A COACH!!

Andrew likes to figure out things by himself, but he stands by the importance of getting a coach. It’s a MUCH longer and harder road to do it alone.

When you find someone that has been down that road, and can mentor you, you’re going to save time and money!

If you don’t hire someone, you’ll likely find yourself swimming in a ton of information, and never move forward.


Andrew is enrolled within this program. These people found out that the gut has a lot of the same makeup as the brain. The gut has neurons firing and more signals start at the gut and signal the brain.

They created a system that you could integrate into those intelligences. This program teaches people how to tap into the heart-brain, and gut-brain, and get them to integrate with each other.

One thing you can start doing today is BREATHE! Take 60 seconds, and slow your breathe down and be intentional.



#1: Don’t make things so hard!! Make it easy, start simple.

#2: Get yourself a coach!! Don’t think you have to do everything and do it alone. We are all in this together.

#3: Don’t forget the lessons from COVID!

Thank you for listening.

Always remember, We Hair Love You!!