Episode 122: How To Plan Your Dreamiest Life with Lexi Lomax

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Elizabeth interviews Lexi Lomax today on Hair Love Radio. She is a salon business coach, podcast host of 10 minute beauty business, Salon owner, and hairstylists!

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She has been on a few different podcasts, appeared as a coach in The Workshop in a Box, attended Hair Love Retreat, and so much more!

Today’s episode is all about PLANNING! We’re talking about how to break those big dreams down to smaller steps so that you can reach your goals!

If you take time to plan, your life is SO much easier. Think of it as an investment. Spend time to get time!

When she opened her salon, she didn’t realize all of the planning it took to be successful after the salon was opened!


You need to know WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

Most salons fail in the first 3 years. Lexi didn’t want to be apart of that statistic so she started to shift her mindset.

Lexi starts by separting the year in quarters. From there, she decides what she wants out of each quarter. She has a big goal and then breaks it down. Start with your big goal and work backwards.

If you missed the podcast with Andrew, listen here.

Whether your goal is profit driven, or figuring out how to have a work-life balance, you can break it down into mini steps!

If you plan for more financial security, a lot of other things will flow in your life.

After you pick the quarter, start with HOW.

Start with what you have personally. Weddings, events, vacation, etc.

Next look at the things that you want to make sure happens during each of these quarters.

From there, you reverse engineer and say “What do I need to do in my business to allow me to do that.”

For example, if you want to take 2 weeks off of work, what do you need to do to plan for that?

It all sounds so simple, but you need to make sure you break it down to the tiniest step because otherwise it is overwhelming and you will never do it.

Once you know what you need to do in your business, you go to planning for your profit. Start with the 4 quarters, look at your business and what happens during each quarter.

For example, the holidays are always CRAZY so you need to plan for that. Those times you are busier you could plan to have more retails sales. Looking at the year can be hard, but if you can sit down and really plan out everything it’s going to save you a lot of time and give you peace of mind for the future.

Once she has everything nailed down, she prints out a calendar for each month and writes down everything that needs to happen that week.


Figure out WHAT you want and then WORK BACKWARDS!

If you can break it down, it’s going to feel a lot less overwhelming and you’ll be able to accomplish any goal you have!

The best thing about making these plans is that you dont have to keep stressing about them all year! You already have thought out your process and now you just need to put it into action.

The more planned and organized you are the LESS you have to work!!


Lexi has a giant calendar hung up on the wall that she uses. She puts a few events in SHARPIE because she knows that those are NOT going to change.

She then tries to make her planning fun and has flexibility where she can.

Always remind yourself that you are doing this so that you can be HAPPY. You’re doing this so that you can have options for your life and remove un-needed stress!

Lexi always remembers to include little markers to celebrate along the way! Plan your own FREAKING PARTY!!!

Always remember to celebrate the little victories!


Golden Nugget #1: You MUST plan for your business and your life a year in advance

Golden Nugget #2: Plan for your life and your business profit TOGETHER!

Golden Nugget #3: Celebrate the little victories!

CHALLENGE: Find something to celebrate right now!!