Episode 131: How to Create Big Impact Goals that Align with Your Priorities

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Today’s episode is short, sweet and to this point! Elizabeth is back to talk about goal setting and how to create the nugget goal system and heart chart!

You can download that here: https://astounding-experimenter-9485.ck.page/59d1644d2c


In the Hair Love Planner, you’ll find that every month you have a different heart chart! The heart chart is a way to analyze parts of your life, and get clear on your priorities.

One of Elizabeth’s biggest lessons of 2020 is realigning her priorities. (She talked all about it on this episode). It was so important to her to make time for the people she loves.

It’s important to remember that you have different priorities in different seasons and phases of your life. The first thing she does is break down her priorities before she gets to goal setting. It’s all about the impact that these are going to have on your life!

In the heart chart there are 6 categories:

  1. Financial and Career

  2. Social

  3. Family and Home

  4. Physical and mental

  5. Education

  6. Spiritual and Ethic

Elizabeth believes that you can only focus on 3 of these things In a season, and in her planner these “seasons” are broken down into months, but you can be in seasons for much longer.


For each month, Elizabeth makes 3 main goals. These are REALLY BIG overriding goals. Each one of these goals needs to honor one of your priorities. You want to have goals for all of your priorities.

If you want to stay feeling in alignment or avoid burnout, you need to honor your priorities and commitments!

Think of nugget goals as breaking down your priorities.

If your priority is “Getting healthy”. Some of your nugget goals can be build a morning routine, track your steps, drink water all day, make sure you get x amount of protein all day.

These are tiny TANGIBLE goals that when combined great things happen!

It’s these little things that contribute to your empires.

You can download the heart chart and nugget goals here.

You can buy the planner here.