Episode 130: My Life Changing 2020 Lessons

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Happy 2021!! Elizabeth Faye is starting the year off strong. She is here to talk about what she learned in 2020, and how she is making an energetic shift to make 2021 everything she wants it to be.

Elizabeth loves new years and goal setting and celebrating new beginnings! This is the time to get clear on what direction you want fo 2021.

In 2020, Elizabeth launched a planner for hairstylists and beauty entrepreneurs. This is everything from marketing, goal setting, manifestations, and everything you need. They ship mid January and you can get yours HERE.

Everything is CUSTOM. She made stickers, sticky notes, and everything you could possibly need.

4:29 Today’s episode is all about 2020 wins!

Take some time to look at your wins and loses for the year, then build on that!

One thing she learned was CLARITY.

Her first lesson is remembering what is MOST important. For Elizabeth, it’s her family and friends. She realized that you WORK to LIVE, not LIVE to WORK!! Life is short, and at any moment your life can be flipped upside, and it’s so important to take advantage of every day. This year she has been able to spend more time with her family and herself and realized how important it is. She will never forget what it was like to be shut down and how that taught her to simplify.

The second lesson she learned was how important it is to diversify your income. Elizabeth will be doing more episodes on this in the coming year. It’s important to think about how you can expand your services and make more money outside of your main job. Elizabeth has learned to make income in many different ways. She will always remember when she met an man on a plane that told her she needed 6 streams of income always!

The third lesson she learned is the importance of communication with customers. You need to be crystal clear with your clients and make sure you have systems and policies. This is very important for 2021 because people are going to be drawn to certainty. Your clients are going to want to be able to trust you.

The fourth lesson she learned is to have a business lawyer. Set yourself up for success with people who are on your side and can help you out. If you are going into business (opening up a salon, doing events, etc.) have a lawyer look over your stuff. It is WORTH THE MONEY AND STRESS.

The fifth lesson she learned is that your circle of influence FREAKING MATTERS. Many people believe that once they reach a certain level in their career THEN they will hire a coach, or go to a mastermind. BUT you get so deep in the grind and you’re working so hard and burning yourself out. Instead you could hire a coach that will help you get out of the hole so you don’t have to grind so hard. If you want to grow, you have to take the risk. It’s time to invest in yourself!

It’s time you look at your life and business and see where you need help. THEN find the help you need! Make sure you are aware! That is how you freaking grow!

The sixth and final lesson is to DO WHAT YOU WANT! It’s time to have some fun! This is your life, and you get to decide what it looks like. It all starts with authenticity. Enjoy what you have and don’t take things too seriously!

Those are Elizabeth’s 2020 lessons. We would love to hear yours! Tag us on Instagram!

Always remember, We Hair Love you!