Episode 135: Wealthy Energy Visualization with Elizabeth Faye

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Today’s podcast is a little different! It’s a meditation. It’s a reprograming about how you feel about money and wealth!

There has been a theme in Elizabeth’s education programs when it comes to money. 2020 through us for a loop, and it has caused us to get serious with our finances.

Many of us don’t have a healthy relationship with money!

It takes constant work to reframe your mindset!


3:17 Think about all of the abundance in your life! Think about money as energy. It’s always there!

Next time you make a purchase, think about money is energy and flowing around you!

7:44 Every time that money comes in, say THANK YOU! Give gratitude to whatever feels right for you.

Every time money flows out, say THANK YOU! “I am grateful I get to pay this bill, and buy product, and pay rent. etc.”

Trust that every time you give, everything you give out will come back ten fold. You are an energetic match and a magnet for what you are! When you are living in your truth and purpose, you become a magnet for miracles.

9:29 Most importantly, STAY PRESENT!


The #1 step is to pay attention to your thoughts. You need to take your mind to a place of gratitude every single day, an align your thoughts to everything you want in your life.

Always remember. The work you do matters, and the work you give to the world always comes back ten fold!

Your word of the day is THANK YOU!