Episode 134: Hacks to Show Up as Yourself on Instagram and Not Feel Fatigued

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Today’s episode is short and sweet! This is for those that are feeling drained and fatigued from social media, or feeling an overall pressure to show up.

Quote of the day “Stop trying to be like everybody else, you don’t even like everybody!”

People are starting to get back to their new normal, and they are still feeling the effects from the past year, and are feeling pressure to show up in your business!

Have you ever showed up because of pressure?

If you have done this, it is likely that you don’t even show up in a way that converts to sales and is magnetizing! This is because your energy feels like a ‘should’. I ‘should’ post on instagram. I ‘should’ do..

Today we are REFRAMING our statements!

Most importantly, Elizabeth is giving your permission to REST!

Instagram can feel like information overload, and we are not wired to take it all in! it is so important to have boundaries with screen time for yourself to avoid the negative effects of social media.


LISTEN to how you’re feeling. If you are feeling overwhelmed, give yourself a moment to breathe!

ONLY show up online when you ACTUALLY feel like it and have the energy to do so. When you give yourself the space it needs, you WILL find the space to show up and serve your people!


Never forget… Not all advice you read on social media is true, or pertains to you! Ask yourself who is giving this advice, and then filter it through your truth system. Realize that everyone is sharing from their perspective to their audience, and you might not be their target audience!

Don’t let others that aren’t in alignment with your goals give you their opinions!


It’s important to remember that you’re marketing doesn’t need to look like her marketing to be successful!

You get to show up in a way that feels good to you!


1ST Ask yourself if you trust the source. Is this someone you want to emulate? Do they have the experience required to give this advice? If you don’t trust the source, let it go in one ear and out the other. You don’t have to trust everything you hear!

2ND Strategy is important, but at the end of the day you are the only one that knows your mission and clients the best! Trust yourself, and question and do your research because no one knows your vision like you do!

3RD Let marketing be an experiment! Think about your marketing as you showing up for your dream clients! Share your energy. This is what is going to magnetize client’s to you and attract new people! People love the way you make them feel! You are allowed to try things, and pick and choose what works for you!

4th Pay attention to what you consume! Look at the things you are buying and how it makes you feel and the feedback you get from it. Ask yourself… “what made me buy that” “why do I follow this account?” This will show you what is in alignment for you, and what you can bring into your business. Make sure you’re following accounts you LOVE and INSPIRE YOU!

5th At the end of the day, no one knows you like the way you know you. Stop trying to be like everyone else, you don’t even like everyone else!!

Show up in a way that you wish others would show up for you. You are building a community!! Show up in a way that feels authentic to you (and have some fun doing it!)

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Thank you for listening. I Hair Love You!!