Episode 142: Authentic Sales with Sam Villa & Jamie Sea

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This episode was during the Redken Beauty Summit. We had the opportunity to have Jamie Sea and Sam Villa on a panel with Elizabeth Faye and they talked all about Selling Authentically. The panel was SO good we wanted to release it to all of our Hair Love Radio listeners. Enjoy!

Elizabeth wanted Sam and Jamie on the panel because they embody everything that it means to sell authentically.

7:45 Let’s talk authenticity

Elizabeth asks Sam “What is authenticity and why is it important in business?”

Sam believes its important because when you think about authentically you think about your core values and aligning yourself with your core values and beliefs, and then authenticity will come out in your chair!

Elizabeth asks Jamie “How has authenticity served you and your business?”

For Jamie, it’s been a wild ride!

She believes there is your authentic self and your adaptive self, and often times your trying to figure out WHO AM I, aside from WHO I SHOULD BE. In the beginning, you just want to feel some sense of belonging!

You can start doing what you think you should, and you realize you’re not being true to yourself which can lead to all sorts of things like burnout and resentment.