Episode 141: How the Hair Love Community Changed My Life

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On today’s episode, Lexa (The community and social media manager) had the opportunity to interview some of our attendees from our retreat in Tulum!

These women are all apart of Elizabeth’s High Power Mastermind education group. This is for women who are multi-faceted and are killin it in all of areas of business and their lives. They talk about their experience on the trip, as well as what it’s like to be apart of the Hair Love Community and how it has changed their life.

You get to hear what it’s like to have Elizabeth as a coach, and attend retreats!

Here is the list of names and order of interviews! Follow them on Instagram and show them some love!

Gloria Muniz
Jessica Taylor
Laura Symons
Misty Jayne
Sonya Fredrick

Gloria– From California, and is a salon owner and business coach for independent stylists.
Gloria and Elizabeth found each other online, and immediately formed a bond. She started out in Education Foundations and is now in High Power Academy.

Her favorite part of the retreat was forming connections and spending so much time with each other in such a beautiful and sacred place. Her biggest takeaway was how excited to felt to leave and create a ripple effect.

She has loved having Elizabeth as a business coach because not only is she in the industry so she understands, but she admires her passion and resourcefulness.

Jessica Taylor– She lives in New York, owns a salon and just started an extension line, and is an educator.
She has been to Hair Love Retreat, graduated from The Workshop in a Box, and she just vibes with Elizabeth. Every program or retreat she has attended has been exactly what she needed to level up in her career.

Jess’s advice for anyone on the fence about spending money, but remember, IT’S AN INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF!

Laura Symons

Laura has her own education business, and is currently in Education Foundations and is in High Power!

Laura was very nervous about being around women she didn’t know and also having to be vulnerable around those women. They had been told that they were going to be doing some major healing, so she felt some major anxiety around the trip.

She ultimately learned that if her walls are always up, she can never work through and get to the next level she wanted to be.

Elizabeth has been a breath of fresh air for Laura. She loves having her and having a new perspective to see the big picture.

Misty Jayne – She is a money coach for hairstylists! She has attended Hair Love Retreat, and has graduated one from both The Workshop in a box, and Education foundations, she’s coming to Hair Love in the fall, and BALI! And she’s currently in High Power. So basically she has done it all!

She has no idea what to expect from the Tulum Retreat, but got SO Much more than she thought. She gave the advice to the stylist that is worried about the invest that no matter what you will make your money back!

Sonya Fredrick Is from Wisconsin. She stumbled upon Hair Love and went and attended BY HERSELF! She found new friends and of course learned some amazing education.

She has attended Hair Love Retreat and Morocco and is in High Power.

Sonya recommends just GETTING A COACH! Get someone who can be your cheerleader and help you reach your goals quicker than if you were doing it alone.

Thanks for tuning in!

We Hair Love you!