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Hair Love Club Pop Ups Hit the Road!

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Have you had dreams so big but you didn’t know where to start? Do you ever feel called to do more, be more, but discouraged because it seems overwhelming? Has life ever knocked you down and you didn’t feel awesome enough to try again?

Don’t worry, we have ALL felt this way. Guess what? You are destined for greatness. You were called to do, be, and make amazing and awesome shit! After years of trial and error and running multiple businesses, we have brought together the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry to inspire, motivate and teach you what it really take to Blossom Into Your Awesome. You were built for Awesome. We want you to blossom with us! 

We are thrilled to announce that we are hitting the road with our very first pop up party on October 1st. Aaahhhhhhh! Now just imagine our entire team, tribe and hearts leaping for joy. 


what is our mission and why are we so excited to spread it around the world like confetti?

We are on a mission to empower hairstylists to not only be the best in their craft, but to live empowered lives. Which frankly means we need to nurture, grow and care for more than the craft side of our careers. 

Here at Hair Love we offer the best in education, business, self care, wellness and damn soul. We teach stylists from the inside out and we create networking experiences like you have never experienced before. We are not positive you can even call it networking. it’s connecting. It is pretty much setting you up to have a powerful tribe of likeminded stylists who are leaders, visionaries, dreamers and know that being kind and collaborative in business is the way to succeed. 

Gone are the days where back biting, gossiping and doing business by tearing each other down will be acceptable. You really can be, do and accomplish more together! Plus, it’s a lot more fun!

In our network we have leaders, salon owners, educators, top level stylists, leading brands, product manufacturers and stylists who are building a positive future for our industry. We all support one another. 

Have you ever heard that you are only as awesome as the five people you spend the most time with??? We bring together the brightest, most innovative and positive minds and create a safe learning environment to mingle, cheers and dream. 

If you have not attended our Retreat and felt the life changing magic we encourage you to join us at our very first Pop up on October 1st in a magical green house in Northern Utah. 

We will have a special performance and to kick off the event, Elizabeth Faye will be speaking on how to tackle and overcome your fears to achieve your dreams! Then an inspiring panel of girl bosses will be bringing the taking the stage to spread light and love (pictured below). Each one of these women have changed our industry, are making waves, and do it all with grace and kindness. These are women you want in your circle. 

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Thanks to our amazing Partner Redken 5th Ave we have provided you with incredible dreamy photo opportunities, giveaways, swag, drinks and bites. A huge thanks for all the magic. Trust me you need to be at this party. 

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We want everyone to experience the magic of Hair Love so you can use this code BLOSSOM50 to get 50% off your ticket to experience it for yourself. 

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