EPISODE #14: How To Crush Your Goals in 2019

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What does it take to reach your dream goals? In this special episode of Hair Love Radio, we share audio from a recent Instagram live where Elizabeth and business coach Danny J break down a system they created to set tangible goals and make them happen! Whatever industry you’re in, this information will be so helpful for you.

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Whether you are growing a big company, a salon, or your clientele, breaking down your goals into bite sized pieces can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. We even put together a PDF you can plan your goals here.

Start with the end in mind.

When you are planning a goal or project, there are so many little to-dos that can make you feel overwhelmed. The best place to start is actually at the end! Crazy, right? Picture what you want the end result of your goal to look like, to feel like. Picturing the end is just another word for manifestation, and being able to have a handle on the result in your mind will help it become real after the hard work is done.

What is your why?

Things rarely go according to plan and obstacles are inevitable when you are working towards your goal. That is a simple fact of like. If you don’t have a strong enough WHY, it is very likely that you’ll quit.

Let’s say your goal is to open a salon. Getting detailed about what you want it to look like, feel like, and why you want a salon in the first place are excellent tools to help you visualize your why. Maybe your why isn’t for the right reasons, or you need to adjust your mindset. That’s ok! It’s better to take care of that detail when you are just starting out than months down the road.

“You are your own superpower.” -Elizabeth

Visualize the end goal, but detach yourself from how you get it

If you get too attached on the details on how you get to your goal, when things don’t go according to plan – and it usually won’t – it will feel harder to continue. Danny talks about the importance of clearly visualizing your goal, but detaching yourself from the details on how it happens. As long as you continue taking the next small step, what you manifest will make it’s way into your life.

Give yourself some grace

Life is so unpredictable. Forcing yourself to stick to a strict timeline for your goals is one of the easiest ways to self-sabotage. If things aren’t happening according to plan exactly when you want them to, give yourself some grace, and give yourself some credit. Instead of participating in negative self-talk, reflect on how you can do things differently in the future.

Get better at opting out

If you are dedicated to reach your goal, something’s got to give. Pay attention to the things in your life that aren’t serving you or your goals, and OPT OUT! It’s ok to say no to mom guilt, to unnecessary social media, cooking every night, and so many other things. There is a season for everything, and nobody can do it all at once. Making sure everything in your life aligns to accomplishing what you want can give you so much freedom and focus!

Rewrite your story

Opting out of things can be hard because of the stories we tell ourselves. “If I don’t clean the bathrooms I am lazy and don’t prioritize my family.” Instead, tell yourself “I don’t clean bathrooms because I would rather use my skills and gifts building my business and connecting with loved ones.” Rewriting your story can bring you more power and permission to prioritize your goals like never before.

Remember how much time you have to do it all

It’s important to remember that there is SO MUCH TIME to accomplish all of our goals. Entrepreneurs are notorious for jumping from one exciting thing to the next without finishing much of anything. The good news is, most of us have a lot of time left to get what we want. There is a season for everything, and it’s ok that it won’t happen all at once.

If you have an idea, you don’t have to do it before someone else does. That anxiousness comes from a mentality of scarcity. Staying in your lane and focusing on what is best for you in that season will allow you to kill it when the time is right – FOR YOU.

“I can accomplish all my goals, but not right now.” -Elizabeth

Set yourself up for success

We can get distracted so easily. Leave yourself reminders of your goals throughout your house or on phone notifications as gentle reminders for you to focus on what matters. It is way too easy to get sucked into Facebook or Instagram, or something that just isn’t a priority. Foolproof those inevitable moments of distraction with things that will bring you back to focus and intention.

Reaching your goals IS POSSIBLE. And getting your mindset ready for success and taking small steps are the most important parts.

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