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Hair Love Radio Recap: Portland Came to Play


We brought out the big guns for our stop in Portland! Our outdoor venue was located at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, and it was absolutely magical. 


We had an incredible night with all of the boss babes and left feeling ready to take on the world! This was our 3 stop out of 4 for our Hair Love Radio Podcast tour, and it did not disappoint.

This outdoor venue set the stage for an amazing night. As guests arrived, they were met with some beautiful Hair Love backdrops, merchandise, and a delicious spread of food! 

Elizabeth sat down and got real with Ambrosia Carey, Lo Wheeler, and Alicia Soulier. All incredible women, with amazing stories, and the best advice!


One of the best parts about the night? The swag bags of course! Every attendee of our Hair Love Radio tour came home with all the goods!


Each boss babe received the brand new Redken Shades EQ 10 shades, the yet-to-be-released Redken Triple Pure hairspray, Jenny Strebe’s newly launched AIIR Texturizing Spray (which smells AMAZING), three FREE months of Schedulicity’s online booking and marketing tools, and some super adorable Hair Love Tour stickers!

Huge thank you to our amazing sponsors, Redken and Schedulicity for helping make this magical event possible!

THE SPEAKERS: The Boss Babes Themselves!



Ambrosia is a Master Stylist, Salon Owner and Educator, and so much more! She knows all the tips to becoming a leader in the beauty industry.. 

Ambrosia had a personal breakthrough one day in the salon when she discovered something about her approach behind the chair. Two years later, she became the youngest 6 figure stylist in her salon, and has since set new records every year thereafter. 

She recently started the Blooming Bloggers program. This teaches you all about how to be a successful blogger, and have a strong influence on social media.


Ambrosia’s passion for making connections worldwide with people daily is what fuels her success beyond her personal journey, to enable others to find what success truly means to them.

Ambrosia is a Hair Love Leader and we absolutely adore her! 


Lo is an international platform artist and salon owner. She is known for her simple and effective techniques in creating luxury blonding for the “bohemian California beach native”. She’s passionate about simplifying advanced color methods for everyday stylists, and helping stylists realize their full potential behind the chair. Her minimalist approach to cutting-edge techniques has been a road map to her success.

Lo is also a Hair Love Leader that has taught amazing classes at the Hair Love Retreat!



Alicia is the owner of Capelli Salon studio and the founder of SalonScale. In 2017, Alicia was facing the same problems many salon owners. She wanted a way to compare costs, reduce waste, and ultimately be more efficient in her salon!

In 2018, SalonScale Technology was created, and today, has gained a platform of over 1,000 users in North America and is rapidly growing.

Alicia is not only an amazing babe in the salon, but is changing lives of so many stylists around the world every single day!



This entire show will be available to listen to on Hair Love radio in the upcoming month, but here are a few of our favorite takeaways from the night!

One of our fave Hot Seat questions from the night was “If you could tell a younger version of yourself some advice… what would it be?”

Ambrosia: “Get out of your own head!!” Enjoy the moment, and CHILL OUT!

Lo: “Girlfriend.. take more risks!” Failure is never failure if you’re learning something!”

Alicia: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift” Live every day to the most!

One final shout out to our AMAZING sponsors, Redken and Schedulicity, and to all who attended the event! It’s so amazing meeting every single one of you!

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Here are some of our fave photos from the night! We Hair Love You!