Episode 54: Hair Love Radio Tour: Scottsdale, AZ


Live from Scottsdale for our FIRST stop on the Hair Love Radio RV Podcast, we are joined with 120 stylists and boss babes from all over the country!

Our first incredible guests were Cassandra McGlaughlin, Shannel Mariano, and Jenny Strebe. All of these ladies are Hair Love Leaders and are doing amazing things!

Cassandra McGlaughlin is a SalonCentric and Redken ambassador. She has been in the industry for 13 years, is a 2x salon owner, and recently has gotten into brand consulting and coaching. Behind the chair, she is a master of color corrections, and on top of it all, she gives the best advice!

Shannel Mariano is from Arizona and spends most of her time creating free content for hairstylists, and makes amazing hair cutting tutorials. Her weekends are spent traveling and teaching hair cutting techniques. Check out her instagram!

Jenny Strebe is the founder of AIIR Professional Haircare. She is a blogger, YouTuber, educator, and so much more!

Which reminds us… The swag bags for this tour were out of this world!! All of the attendees were hooked up with the brand new Redken Shades EQ 10 shades, the yet-to-be-released Redken Triple Pure hairspray, Jenny Strebe’s newly launched AIIR Texturizing Spray (which smells AMAZING), three FREE months of Schedulicity’s online booking and marketing tools, and some super adorable Hair Love Tour stickers!

Huge thank you to our amazing sponsors, Redken and Schedulicity for helping make this magical event possible!


We’re here celebrating all things cool and happy in the world, and most importantly… This is our FIRST PODCAST TOUR SHOW!! Whoop whoop!


Entrepreneurs take note!!

YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR SUCCESS! This comes with a lot of battles and challenges. You need to manifest your greatness!

So how do you do it? Mentors are key! You need to seek out mentors, and be mentors for others. Being a mentor causes you to be the expert in whatever you are teaching someone, because it forces you to be the best!

Elizabeth asks each guest about the mentors in their lives.

Cassandra’s first mentor in the industry was a salon owner/stylist. She didn’t necessarily have intentions with them being her mentor, but it organically evolved. She talks about how you can find mentors anywhere! They worked together for 3 years, and ended up opening a salon together. Her mentor gave her so many of the tools to teach what she does today. Cassandra discusses that all of this started because she made it happen!! She wanted to learn, so she showed up and put her all into the relationship.

Key takeaway: If there’s not a door or window, girl… you need to cut your own!!

Jenny has had a lot of great mentors in her life. While she was in beauty school, she made sure to surround herself with great people. As hairstylists, its so important to be a role model with everyone you interact because you have no idea how you will affect those in your chair! A mentor also doesn’t need to a person. There are SO many free resources out there- social media, podcasts, books, etc. Surround yourself with amazing things because you never know who or what will change your life! Jenny also discusses the importance of being a good example to your kids! She talks about how she has taught her kids to never give up!

Key takeaway: You don’t need to have a mentor long-term. Just constantly seek out those that are positive role models in your life, and then in turn, be a role model to those around you!



Shannel didn’t necessarily have one mentor, but has focused on others actions and things she would like to emulate in her own life. She did have one role model who would check in with her and whenever things got hard her mentor would say “What’s stopping you? How bad do you want it?” and she has remembered that ever since. Now she has a business coach. They’re there to give you advice and help you balance everything!

Key takeaway: Surround yourself with amazing people. Seek out those that can help!

Elizabeth confesses that she would not be where she is without the help of community. Whether it was therapy, business coaches, or other motivating people, you need help!

Key takeaway: Anyone who is successful has help, and many pay for that help!

20:10 Elizabeth asks “What is something you really screwed up on, and felt like the end of the world, and what is something that has felt like a failure, but ultimately propelled you to the place you are today?”

Cassandra discusses how she had a very difficult business partner who was both verbally and emotionally abusive. Even though from the beginning their were some red flags, she still went along with everything because she wanted her salon to succeed. She talks about how she had to be mentally strong to keep going every sing day. It’s so important to leave things in tact and peacefully, because then you can get closure when you move on. She talks about another podcast that discuss boundaries and avoiding burnout. (listen here)

Elizabeth discusses the importance of building a joy driven brand. You need to building something you LOVE and actually want to do. (Free webinar for building JOY-DRIVEN brand)

Chanel travels every weekend, and there was one night in particular where she was unpacking what she thought was a box of doll heads for her trip, and it ended up being DOG FOOD!! She advises those to pay attention to the signs and details so you can avoid future problems!

Do your research! Check out the ugly side of the beauty business, know your worth, know your value and your rights. When bad things happen, use that as a training ground and learn from it! It’s so important to see it as something that made you stronger instead of a failure.


Jenny’s biggest failure came with AIIR Professional Haircare line. She ordered 30,000 of the wrong cans and caps!! She names herself the “Queen of Failure” and also discusses how a few years ago she was beginning to get a lot of recognition and lost her true sense of self and was getting way too caught up in the moment. Once she cam back to reality, she was able to figure out who she really was. She advises to everyone to figure out who you are, and then remain faithful to your true self!

Every project has had failures, you need to look at the takeaway, let that shit go, learn and MOVE ON! 

33:45 The panel discusses overcoming your fears as you are building a business and letting go of things that happen to you

Elizabeth talks about once of her biggest fears she as faced has been growing hair love. She discusses how to be truly successful, you need to figure out what you feel you are called to! It should be something that you are excited about! You should get excited about your fears, and then you need courage to solve them. Once you accept that fear is OK, you can keep moving forward! Then as you continue to grow, you build up a belief system for yourself and when bad things happen, it’s not as scary the second time around.

Some more advice from Shannel:



It’s so important to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! You are created with intention and purpose. Be exactly who you are, what you think is weak and dumb and lame is your STRENGTH!! You are the only one like you. You execute differently. When you love yourself, you’ll do what’s in your heart and not something you “think” you should do. It’s different for EVERYONE. You need to do what you love. If you do what someone else loves, it makes you a copy cat, fake, impostor… Why would you do that when you can be the original you!

Jenny’s advice to the attendees is that if you’re not letting go of the BS, you cant grow and take risks and take it to the next level. It starts with baby steps! You have a choice at how you’re going to react to things. Its your decision for the things you reflect and absorb.

Where are you putting your energy?


  • Cassandra: In this industry, we all feel and experience similar things! Its so important to talk about it, and know you are not alone and that everyone has failures and fears and we’re all doing it anyways. Be excited and proud! 

  • Shannel: Listen to and help others, and share your problems. Community is everything!

  • Jenny: you are not alone! (55:08) . Failures are all about how you overcome them. Your mindset is everything! 

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