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Cocco Pure Ceramic Flat Iron

Hair Love Retreat had this awesome interview with Cocco Hair Pro !

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1. What IS this tool? Cocco Pure Ceramic Flat Iron

Cocco Hair Pro has produced the world’s first Korean engineered FAR INFRARED salon professional iron. Most flat irons are infrared and made of 90% steel or metal that have less than 2% of ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.

The Cocco Pure Ceramic Iron is scratch-proof it does not peel because there is no cheap layering like most industry flat irons. The Cocco is made with a 99 % pure ceramic glass plate! Imagine a flat iron that can’t pull moisture from the hair.

Imagine the first flat iron that smooths from the inside out.

Unlike traditional flat irons that smooth hair from outside in, smoothing the cuticle first then the cortex. This is the problem.

The solution? Straighten hair one day then wash the next day and notice the curls coming reverting right back! Say goodbye to heat damage and overspending on hair care products.

2. What does it do for the client? Why would they want it?

Most heating elements are swelling the cuticle and causing more heat damage. Hence buying more products that don’t necessarily replenish dry hair in the long run. Imagine curls smoothed out one day then curls jump back the minute you wash your hair.

Personal hair care for consumers and professionals are over-saturated.

Cocco Hair Pro has realized it is not just the personal hair care regimen that counts. Both heating elements from styling tools and hair care create the perfect marriage to give clients the best results.

Clients will seal their favorite hair care into their hair more effectively with the right source of heat. 

Everyone styles their hair with heating elements no different from a pan or skillet. Imagine a microwave of gentle heat that helps you get your results in 1/3 of the time and 90% less heat damage on your hair. That’s essentially what’s happening here!

3. Why do YOU love it and use it?

As a Director of Education for Cocco, based out of Beverly Hills, CA. It is my duty to study and know the salon professional industry inside and out. Efficiency and Innovation is the key to our success in salons and educational seminars. With independent stylists and education opening up everywhere, how do we help the new generation of clients and stylists? 

Perfect Examples:

Fact: every iron in the world will oxidize and fade hair color. Most irons can be used creatively to achieve the smoothness in 1 swipe, but you have to lower the temperature to avoid fading the color.

With our Cocco Iron you can keep the iron at 380-420 degrees, keep your color locked in and smooth the hair without sacrificing the heat temperature for efficiency and speed.

Brazilian Blowout (formaldehyde) or glycolic, amino acid Keratin Treatments are internationally known and very high in demand in Los Angeles. The average time for a keratin treatment is 2 to 3.5 hours. By using our Cocco Iron, you can expect to achieve this high end service for clients in under 45 min!

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4. Talk to us about how you created this look, how do you do it? 

(Model: @lilshumaii Color & Style: Hawaii’s Cocco Brand Ambassador @khietluu)

After a smooth blow out, start to press the hair from the back of the nape, moving towards the front hairline in 1/4 inch sections. 

Bobs require 0 degrees to 45 degrees elevation from the round part of the head and below. For a little bounce and movement take sections at the top of the head 90 degrees to the ceiling then bend the ends under, away from hair line for a more natural bouncy look.  

When reaching the part and front hairline try to aim for a smoother finish by bending the hair towards the face. Imagine long bangs to your chin. Press the hair with an under motion. 

PRO TIP: The Cocco Iron has a spring grip system so the lightest amount of tension will smooth the section of frizzy or curly hair effortlessly. For sensitive clients try not to be heavy handed with the grip. Traditional irons are very heavy and they lack a sprig grip. Stylists are used to squeezing the iron with a lot of tension. Cocco Iron is lighter and with the new spring grip, the iron does the work for you. 

5. Where can you find the tools needed for this look?

On our website at

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6. What’s the cost look like?

The retail price is $600.00 but licensed cosmetologists can sign up for Cocco club on to receive professional pricing at $400.00.

For a limited time use promo code Jinbangpro at check out for an additional $100.00 off!

Director of Education at Cocco Hair Pro: Jin Bang