Episode 85: Instagram Secrets Revealed with Hairbrained

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This is the first episode of a 3 part series! While we were at ISSE 2020, we had the opportunity to sit down with Hairbrained and speak with some amazing people!

In this first episode, we chat with Gordon of Hairbrained, and Courtney. She is the Director of Engagement for Hairbrained.

Quick background… We have tried to record 3 different episodes with Gordon, but then something seems to get a little too spicy!! Maybe one day we will release them 🙂 This episode is all about Instagram!!

The Hairbrained instagram has over 581,000 followers! About 2.5 years ago, they had 240,000 followers and since them they have organically grown it! They don’t use schedulers or anything.


“How can you get more followers?”

Gordon and Courtney: Most important, make sure that you understand your message to your audience and how you want to reach them. Hairbrained will have different goals, than a stylist. They post 12 times a day, and that includes reposting. That will be very different for a hairstylist, but just make sure that you make time to post, and figured out what “consistency” means to you!

If your client’s don’t have time to take a pic, offer them a free blowout to come back and take an after! You just spent 5 hours creating a look, and you can do a few different styles to help get more content! Also, don’t be afraid to repost! Most of your followers will have missed the first one, so don’t feel bad about reusing content.

If you feel like you don’t have time, find 24 pictures that you love, and post them. Your instagram is your “look book.” Think about what a client will see when they look at your page. They’re not going to look at when you last posted, they are going to look at your pictures to see if you’re a good fit, and then if it is, don’t worry about them coming back to your page. 99% never go back to a social media profile.

“How do you think being consistent equals growth?”

Courtney: First off, know your audience! Know what they like to see, and what will get their attention. Play to the audience that you WANT. Many people struggle with keeping the balance between personal and professional. Courtney recommends to keep your page professional, and then make your stories personal! If you want to grow your books, your client wants to see HAIR. They don’t want to see what you’re eating. It’s ok to play around with it! It’s not the end of the world if you archive photos!

If you don’t want to do balayage anymore, then don’t post it!!!

Gordon: Think about Instagram as the digital version of your actual salon, and act like it is. If you won’t speak a certain way in your salon, don’t speak that way online. Show up online how you show up in the real world.

Courtney: This can be applied to engagement as well. If someone responds to you on your profile, RESPOND ONLINE! If someone in real life commented on your hair, you wouldn’t just stare at them. If you get a comment on your picture, then ENGAGE WITH THEM!

“How do you mix your personal and professional life on Social Media?”

Elizabeth likes to see more personal stuff on instagram, but Hairbrained comes from more of a professional side. She asks them what they look for, and what they recommend for those that are serious about growing their brand.

Courtney: If you’re at a show or class, it’s important to put it in your stories and in your highlight so that people can see you are gaining education and experience, and then when you are ready to raise your prices, they can see the reasons why. It’s important to show your personality, whatever that means to you. If your audience engages with more personal stuff, THEN POST IT!! If it works for you, then DO IT!

Gordon: Never forget who you are speaking to, especially if you’re speaking to a mixed group of people. Those that are really good at social media understand they are speaking to their clients and potential customers and they are not speaking their coworkers and friends. We know how to grow our clientele in the real world (you talk to people, hand out business cards, etc.), but social media can be a little trickier. Everyone starts out more personal, but you need to find your online professional voice.

Courtney: Always post with INTENTION!

It has been SO fun hanging out with Courtney and Gordon! Thank you for all of your insight on Instagram.

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We’ll see you next week!

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