Episode 86: How to Make Instagram Work for You!


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This is part 2 of the 3 part series with HairBrained!

We had the opportunity to interview 2 amazing women, running incredibly successful businesses in California. Instagram has helped both of them change their lives and live their dreams!

Jes Jewel works at Butterfly Lofts and is a stylist.

Shurie works at Salon Republic and has been doing hair for 8 years. She specializes in color.


Elizabeth asks Jess for advice on how to use instagram to grow their business.

Start with Self growth. Know yourself really well. You don’t want to get into something that you ‘think’ you should do, but something that you genuinely love.

“How much time do you spend posting and engaging on social media?”

Jess recommends at least 1-2 hours. She spends time in her salon catching quick videos, behind the scenes, and tips, and uses it whenever she can. Get content whenever you can! Jess does everything on her phone! She has found that people react better to content that looks less curated. She uses iMovie and Huji. She has been working to grow her social media for 5 years!

“What is your advice for video content?”

Jess says that video is super important. It helps you get creative, and shows your clients exactly what they can expect.

Elizabeth asks Shurie what her day to day looks like with digital marketing.

She spends a really good amount of time on social media. She spends her morning on social media. She makes sure she sticks to her schedule. She learned throughout her career that overworking only led to burnout, so now she makes sure that she sticks to exactly what she wants.

Shurie recommends finding what works for your audience and what they respond to! She spends a 1-2 hours on Instagram in the mornings and engage with things she feels impulsed to react to. After Instagram, she heads over to Facebook! Once she is at work, she schedules an extra 30 minutes with each client to get content! Shurie uses a camera to get all of her content. She edits her videos with Adobe Premier Pro, and edits her pics with Lightroom.

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Thank you to Shurie and Jess for being on the podcast!

We Hair Love you!