Episode 89: Do You Feel Called To Do More?

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Today’s podcast is a LIVE coaching call with Sara Botsford! We are putting her into the Hot Seat right away!

Hot Seats are an amazing thing we do on the podcast where Elizabeth helps other entrepreneurs fix anything in their business and change their lives!

Sara is an amazing hair stylist and has behind the chair for 12 years! We became friends over Instagram. She lives in Fort Francis, Ontario, and recently bought her own studio salon. She specializes in natural color, and really enjoys haircutting. She’s been married for 7 years, and has 2 kids- Henry 3, and Scarlett 16 months. She is definitely busy balancing home and work life!

Sara reached out to Elizabeth via DM. She has been feeling called to do more, and has so many dreams that have been on the back burner because of other things in life, but she doesn’t know where to start!

7:32 Elizabeth believes that PEOPLE are your biggest resource! The first step is figuring out your resources!

Sara brainstormed her resources and decided that she had an old hair school teacher that taught editorial looks, Sam Via, and in her town, she has a friend who is a photographer, and she has a friend who is a copy writer. Her “cheerleaders” are her family.

11:05 What are some things that are holding you back?

The hardest thing for Sarah is knowing where to start, especially when it comes to social media. Another concern of hers is location.

12:00 What is your dreamiest life?

Sara would love to do hair for Fashion Week. She also is very interested in education and presenting at shows. If she could teach anything, it would be anything in regards to brunette and blonde coloring.

15:00 What is your gut feeling? Do you need to experiment and see what sticks?

Sara thinks she needs to try a few different things and feel it out. She naturally leans towards education, but is open to experimenting.

16:45 What do you want your life to look like?

TRAVEL: Sara loves to travel and is more than willing to get out and go new places and meet new people. She could easily 1-2x a month.

Sara is so passionate about educating and loves when she gets to help and mentor. Sara is a big fan of Redken and would love to work with them.

Elizabeth recommends reaching out to Redken, and teaching your own class! It doesn’t matter how many people go, but she wants her to focus on how she feels teaching the class and how she feels after.

Most importantly, she says to find a community!!!

Once you find your community, it’s also beneficial to find a mentor or coach.

37:30 THE PLAN

Sara’s Overall Goals for 2020:
-Clarity and Focus of path

1st Start with your BIO!
2nd Share with your clients and show them that you’re the expert!
-Use your social media to EDUCATE!
3rdKeep your people close and treat them like gold!

Thank you so much for being on the call today Sara! Can’t wait to see what big things you do in 2020.