Episode 107: Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Blog

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Today’s episode is all about blogging!

2:00 Elizabeth’s experience with blogs

Elizabeth’s first blog was in 2011 and her concept was to show off how cool her clients were and she just wanted to feature them. No one read it.

Since then she’s had over 10 blogs, and right now the only active blog is on hairloveretreat.com.

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If you started your blog back around 2014, it’s likely you have a following. Nowadays, it’s a little harder to gain a following through a blog.

Sometimes, Elizabeth treats her instagram captions like a blog post. She shares mini stories, facts, how-to’s, etc.

If you want to start a blog, it’s important that you love to write and have something to share. The best part of the blog is that you can use that content in so many ways. Instagram stories, posts, Pinterest posts, email blasts, etc. This can help grow your SEO, and google search!

A blog won’t necessarily make you more money in business, but it can help provide more info and answer questions your get asked a lot. Think of your website as a place you want people to hang out.

As a service-based provider, focus your articles on tutorials. For example, how to care for extensions, purple shampoo do’s and don’ts, how to balayage, etc.


-If you have a website
-If you are already doing a good job with your social media marketing
-If you are able to replicate that content (email, social media, etc.)
-It’s great for Pinterest and SEO
-It gives your clients more ‘buy in’ for you.

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