Episode 108: How To Network and Build Relationships That Last a Lifetime

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Today’s episode is all about Networking! How to do it and how to make those relationships last!

“Your relationships are you greatest resource”

It’s important to have friends in business and a network of people. This includes hairstylists, brands, distributors, etc.

A lot of networking is done at hair shows and online. It can be hard to go to these shows and get out of your comfort zone, and you need to have an elevator pitch. Elizabeth had never been very excited for these types of events. She found herself comparing how she acted to those around her, and always left with a ‘yucky’ feeling.

It all changed when she started to “stay in her lane.” She evaluated herself and looked at what she was good at, and what she was comfortable talking about. Once she focused on her business, and got out of the competition mindset, and instead let those conversations happen organically, everything fell into place.

Last year, we were in Morocco, and at our mastermind we talk about Human design and personality. Our coach, Kinzie Madsen explained how to figured out your manifestation type.

Elizabeth realized that she wasn’t aggressive in her marketing and instead focused on relationships.

She does her best when other people approach her and from there she can form a relationship.

So Elizabeths #1 suggestion is to find out how you communicate and HONOR the way you do it.


TIP #1 Be the person that you want someone else to be for you

Elizabeth wanted her friends to introduce her to people they knew, so she started being that person. She matched her friends with those that she felt would work well together, and in turn, they started doing the same for her!


After you make friends with someone at an event, take notes, follow them on instagram, and stay In contact!


At Hair Love, one of our top priorities is to great a safe place where people feel comfortable to network and be themselves. You can host your own event, or invite people to your home, and eventually you will have a multiplying effect.

Remember, honor how you feel, and find what works for you.

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Thanks for listening and always remember, We Hair Love You!