Episode 109: How To Not Feel ‘icky’ About Selling and Marketing

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Elizabeth is back to talk about how you can shine on social media, and grow your business with a little thing called MARKETING!

First question… How do you feel about selling? Does it make you feel iffy? or uncomfortable?

Elizabeth shares a story about how she got into the industry. She was a troubled youth, got kicked out of hair school by using boxed color, and long story short she ends up at a fancy salon to get her hair fixed.’

She sat in the chair and poured her heart out to the stylist, and as she left, her dad was so angry about the price, but she left so happy about how she felt when she left the chair.

She continued going back to that stylist, and later in her life she realized that impact the stylist had on her lif, and in turn, changed her life.

If you’re truly what you love, you shouldn’t be scared to talk about it! THAT’S ALL MARKETING IS! It’s you, showing up for your clients, and sharing those things you love with them.

Selling isn’t bad. Not only is it helping you pay your bills, it’s helping others enjoy the things you enjoy.


Do you do something that makes a difference in people’s lives?

If your answer is a ‘HELL YES’, then KEEP GOING!!

Do you offer something that makes a difference in their day?

Do you do something that makes someone feel something more?

If you answered yes to any of these, ask yourself… Are you talking about that service enough?

This is your MARKETING!!

You show up online, on your website, and in life, and you talk about what you love!!


Ask yourself these questions…

  1. What am I naturally good at?

  2. Who are the people you serve in your community?

Don’t worry about people buying your product. Think about how much you love your craft and believe others deserve to have it in their life!

Thank you for listening.

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