Episode 129: Life Lessons with Jordan Alexander

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Elizabeth has Jordan Alexander on the podcast today, and they are talking about pivots! He is the director of sales and education for k18.

6:20 WHAT IS K18?

K18 is going to be the apple of hair. They are always looking for ways to be innovative and find what’s new. They have created a product that you use during and after treatment and it literally will maintain the quality of your hair. It will make it strong enough to do whatever you need it to, and also fix any damage.

That is their first innovation, and they are going to release 2 more products by the end of the next year!

They recognize that we don’t have time for 30 minute treatments anymore. Their treatment only takes 4 minute!


Jordan started out in political science, and while at school he realized lawyers spent 80 hours at desk and he didn’t like that. His mom was a hair stylist growing up, and saw her success, and realized it was such an amazing industry and wanted to work in it!

Jordan was Tracey Cunningham’s assistant and one of his favorite experiences of his career. On his first day, he had 38 clients! They did as many of 52 clients! Jordan was one of 5 assistants. Starting at 8am they would poor all the color in the bowls, and then they would add developer and it would then be ready for Tracey. She is incredibly fast and applied everything herself.

From there, he became Olaplex’s FIRST EMPLOYEE! They did everything with that company with only 6 people for the first 2 years. He worked with them for 6 years.

His biggest learning experiences were see everything in manufacturing. He realized there is a lack of education on hair globally. There are a lot of amazing stylists that have no idea what chemicals are doing to the hair they are working with, and how to fix damaged hair.

Current day he is working with k18. They are currently working on educating and making sure they are inclusive to everyone. Hair is HAIR!! Ethnicity doesn’t matter and everyone deserves pretty hair!


If you could tell your younger self 3 different types of advice, what would it be?

  1. PLEASE go assist! Find someone you look up to and go assist them. It will change your career!

  2. Work hard and SHOW UP!! Don’t make it complicated.

  3. Have fun and enjoy what you do! We get to touch people’s lives every day.

If you have any questions, you can email jordan@k18.com or message Jordan on insta!

Thank you for listening. We Hair Love you!!