Episode 133: My 2021 Beauty Industry Predictions

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Today’s episode is all about Elizabeth’s 2021 predictions, and what she thinks we need to be prepared for!


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2:20 Elizabeth’s 2021 predictions

Elizabeth thinks that there will be a lot of shifts and it’s going to me more important than ever for hairstylists to LEVEL UP! We’re talking those things that might not be so sexy, but are needed!

For example, text communication, modern systems and making everything automated and digital! You need to be very accessible and able to book online, and most importantly you need to offer an experience.

People are CRAVING connection, clarity and confidence!


Confidence is going to win this year. People want to be certain that you will be there for them, not go out of business, and you’ll have the best sanitation and following all the precautions. This will most likely change your business, but it’s not going to hurt your business.

Elizabeth also believes that there is going to be a huge shift in BUSINESS MODELS (5:00). Many people are going to go independent, and you’re going to see a lot of independents thrive and make more money than EVER, and those that don’t invest in business education are going to struggle.

Elizabeth believes that small salons are going to THRIVE. (6:20) You’ll see more studio salons pop up, where people have more spacing. Many will want to simplify their lives! They’ll have small teams, automate and make their lives easier.


If you don’t show up in your marketing during these shifts, it could hurt your business! It’s important to stay relevant to your current clients and market to them!

Make sure they know that they can trust you and that you are a safe escape for them.


Elizabeth thinks that low-maintenance trends will stay, but they are going to be more willing to pay more money for something that will last! Many people want to stay home or they are more busy!

Extensions will keep growing.

Gender neutral pricing will be more relevant, and pricing will be all inclusive.


The brands who win are going to be those that are positive. Those brands that are confident, clear and safe and feel good are going to thrive.

People don’t want to see the negativity and complaining, they want to come to you and feel good about it. Still show up authentically, but SHOW UP in a POSITIVE WAY! (10:30) . There’s so many ways you can celebrate and add value and show up for your cilents.

Here are some ideas:

  • Humor

  • Motivation

  • Inspiration

  • Hacks

  • Storytelling

  • An experience

  • A before and after

  • TransformationS

There’s SO much value that people can find from you as a brand that aren’t just “how to apply dry shampoo”

Those that WIN will be those that show up and make others feel good. If you can be that, YOU WILL THRIVE IN 2021!

Thanks for listening! We want to know your predictions!

We Hair Love You!